Equality Law

Equality Law

Equality law is complex and the current conflict between Irish and European legislation in relation to issues such as retirement create additional pressures for employers and employees alike. We aim to cystallise the legal position in relation to equality issues by conducting equality compliance audits in partnership with our clients.

We have a proven track record of representing employer clients before the Equality Tribunal and have contributed to benchmark cases on issues such as parental leave and discriminatory dismissal on the grounds of gender.

We provide responsive and clear advices to employer and employee clients alike seeking to navigate this complex area of Irish and European law. In association with our clients’ occupational health advisers, we provide practical guidance in the areas of reasonable accommodation and the law associated with employment medicals. We provide regular client briefings in relation to hot topics such as the equality aspects of flexible working requests and where Irish law does not provide a clear answer in relation to any issue, we look further afield to find the answer.

We work with our employer clients to ensure that their policies comply with equality codes of practice and legislation. We offer guidance on how to clearly communicate equality policies to staff.

We have extensive experience in advising employers in a range of sectors on equality related issues such as equal pay and equal treatment cases as well as bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation issues.

We frequently appear before the Equality Tribunal (now absorbed into the newly reconfigured Workplace Relations Commission) and the Courts on behalf of employers in relation to equality matters.

We advise employers on their equality, equal opportunities, bullying and harassment and dignity at work policies and provide training on the roll out and implementation of these policies in the workplace.