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The use of private investigators in an employment context

The question of the use of private investigators often arises in an employment context, whether during the course of defending personal injuries proceedings, investigating potential abuse of sick leave or time and attendance policies by an employee or other internal...

Love at Work in the Digital Age

Love at Work in the Digital Age When love at work works … and what HR Professionals need to know when it doesn’t Who knows when Cupid’s arrow will strike? Will it strike though the means of a work device or an online dating service that gauges an employee’s best match...

Toolkit: How to deal with workplace absences

Pre Employment checks Do you carry out pre-employment medicals during the interview process and before an offer of employment is made to ensure that the employee is fit for the role? Do you use pre-employment medical questionnaires? If so, are they in line with Irish...

Suspension of an Employee Pending an Investigation

The question of suspension of an employee pending an investigation of a complaint/allegation is one which frequently arises for employers. The recent judgements in the High Court in The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland v Reilly [2015] IEHC 228 and in the...

Workplace Relations Act 2015 – Key Points to Note

The 2015 Act commenced on 1 October 2015. Its aim is to provide for the streamlining of mechanisms and making it more user friendly by creating a simpler two tier structure, with the WRC dealing with complaints in the first instance and the Labour Court dealing with all cases on appeal from the WRC.

Dismissal for Incapacity

Dismissals for reasons of incapacity are under review in light of recent developments regarding the accrual of annual leave during sick leave. Employers are now weighing up the additional expense of having to pay annual leave for an employee who is on long term sick leave in addition to other financial considerations that may arise.

Recent Legal Developments in Relation to Agency Workers

In this article, Emer O’Sullivan considers whether recent findings of the Labour Court means that the Court will not as a matter of course, make retrospective awards in all cases to 5 December 2011 as was the case until two recent 2015 Labour Court decisions. Emer considers how recent authorities suggest that the Labour Court will, in certain cases, ring-fence liability in pay awards made in accordance with the Protection of Employment (Temporary